Monday, May 20, 2013


No longer worried about the ongoing affair which I revisited, once again, this weekend. I won't allow myself to be worried about it any longer; it is not worth my time. I have finals, moving day, and, above all, my own interests to worry about.

Speaking about finals, I'm no longer worried about how well I am going to do on them. This is both a blessing and a curse--a blessing because I'm super relaxed right now, and a curse because I should not be relaxed at all. I still have a lot to work on.

PBS' Art21 is my favorite way to procrastinate. Yesterday, I watched this video about Jenny Holzer's work and I was quite amazed by it.

I've had an overwhelming desire to make something today, and I would allow myself to do so if I didn't have so much schoolwork to worry about. Thank goodness that all of this will come to an end on Wednesday.

Until then, I am a helplessly sleepless and reckless, frantic being.

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